Coloring Pages!

Coloring Pages!

To all the amazing parents out there still trying to social distance: we will all get through this! And we can get through this together.

As I sit here at my messy table, I feel your exhaustion. I try so hard to keep my kids off the screens, but man....playing the same treasure hunting game over and over again is so much harder as an adult. I know I played it as a kid....but seriously..... we are all stuck at home too much for this!!

I don't know about you, but coloring and crafts are always the perfect thing to break up the day over here. When I can't play anymore (and my kids are too sick of each other to play nicely anymore), Crayola to the rescue!! It's therapeutic in a way and brings a little calm so they can get back at it when they're ready.

We love coloring the typical Disney or other iconic characters sold in the store. But, my illustrator drew these cute pages back when I did my Kickstarter, and it's a super fun thing for them to color. It's different and really gets their minds turning - wondering what games can go along with the fun pictures they color.

So here you go world! I hope these can break up your day a little bit too and get those imaginations turning and expanding again! 


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