About Us

The Author


 Hi, I'm so glad you're here! I'm D.K. Ackerman, author of Princess Pirates and Ballerina Ninjas. My journey as a story teller started when I was nine years old, when I finished writing my first book: "A Different Story of Princess and the Pea." It took me HOURS to type it all out, but I still treasure it to this day. Technically, though, my career as a published author started in 2019 when I launched a Kickstarter to see if there was any way I could make some of my stories a reality (though, some might say my mother's printed copy of Princess and the Pea - cover picture included - should count). I had four children at the time, and as my other two followed in the midst of a global pandemic AND a move to another state, some things had to be reprioritized. Only in 2023 have I been able to start getting back to my stories and work on publishing Ballerina Ninjas.

I'm a mother of 6 beautiful children, four girls and two boys. So far I've only gotten as far as writing about my three little (though, they are fast becoming not so little anymore!) girls, but am excited to continue writing about the adventures of my other three children as well.

These stories I write matter to me because they are about my children, but I hope they matter to you, too, because they should be about all children. With screens filling up our lives, children deserve to have their imaginations prioritized through free, unstructured play time. I hope you can use these books as a catalyst or an extra help to inspire your children to do what they were meant to do: PLAY, imagine, problem solve, and work together. There are countless lessons to be learned from imaginative play, and I hope my books inspire your children to do just that. 

Happy reading!



The Illustrator

My name is Polina and I'm an illustrator​ based in Amsterdam.

Nowadays I mostly produce illustrations for books and social media, comics, portraits and character design.

For creating my works I use Adobe Photoshop and traditional methods such as drawing and painting. My preferred materials are coloured pencils, watercolour, gouache, but I also love to experiment!

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