Sneak Peeks

Princess Pirates

In Princess Pirates these girls will teach you that being a princess doesn't mean you can't be a pirate too. 

They will also teach you that when you use your imagination, even the most seemingly dull things can come to life. Stairs can become a mountainous feat to climb up and down; boxes can become ships to sail to an unknown island; hallways can become lava rivers to cross. There is no end to what ordinary things you can transform with your imagination. 

In Princess Pirates, not only will you witness the exciting adventures of three daring and imaginative girls, you will be witness to the amazing artistry and details included in each illustration along the way. Our amazing illustrator has included so many fun details, any child (and adult!) will find something new and fun with every read. 


Ballerina Ninjas

Currently in the creation phase, Ballerina Ninjas is a sort of prequel to Princess Pirates, with our same loveable and fearless sisters who brave the unknown and achieve their goal together. It sagas the Sisters Daring whose fearless leader, the tallest one, teaches them the art of being a ninja, while being a ballerina, too, of course. The release date for this book is still TBD, but man are we excited about it! Sign up for updates below to stay tuned!