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Princess Pirates AND Ballerina Ninjas

Princess Pirates AND Ballerina Ninjas

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Buy Both Princess Pirates and Ballerina Ninjas and SAVE!

Princess Pirates is about three sisters pretending to be princesses who hear an enchantress has taken their treasure. But these girls are no damsels in distress! Becoming pirates, they set sail across oceans, travel through jungles, and battle with tigers to accomplish their goal—all by themselves. These girls aren't afraid to like what they like and play how they want to play. No one will dare to put these daring sisters in a box.

Princess Pirates reflects the imaginations of actual children and reminds kids how imagination can be more fun than screen time. The incredible illustrations serve to capture your attention and remind your children that adventures can be found in your own home!


Ballerina Ninjas is an enchanting children's book that combines the elegance of ballerinas with the stealth of ninjas. The three sisters must become more than ballerinas when they hear the cry of the dragon. They must train in karate and become Ballerina Ninjas to once again bring order to their land. 

Through delightful illustrations and a captivating narrative, Ballerina Ninjas book celebrates the power of creativity, encouraging children to embrace their unique interests and dance to their own rhythm. The girls once again show that you don't have to limit what you love based on what anyone else expects from you. Young readers are inspired to explore the boundless possibilities of their imaginations while promoting the importance of free play away from screens. 

**Includes 1 copy of Princess Pirates and 1 copy of Ballerina Ninjas**

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